Public Health

Primary preventions and programmes can contribute to strengthening a community’s capacity and readiness to advocate for healthy social, physical, spiritual and cultural environments.

Te Kākano can assist you in navigating the tertiary pathways relevant to your mahi. Pou Rua contains a search engine that is designed to highlight the options available for further qualifications in public health related fields. When deciding on further study it is important to have options and we can help you develop a multiple pathways approach for your future training interests and needs.

The search engine will display a list of relevant qualifications, which can be sorted by region, level, interest area, or by the tertiary education provider. We are updating and developing this search engine regularly with new qualifications and courses, so come often and test out your pathways.

If you are interested in pursuing one of these qualifications, or if you want some further information and support with your multiple pathways plan, please contact Te Kākano:

Public health tertiary pathways

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