Celebrating our Community Heroes - Kelly Feng

Celebrating our Community Heroes - Kelly Feng

Kelly Feng, the National Director and the team have been nominated as the community heroes by the New Zealand government for its contribution during the pandemic toward the Asian community. Thank you for the acknowledgement.
"The team of staff and volunteers at Asian Families Services (AFS) continues to provide counselling support and advice to diverse communities over the summer. During the lockdown, its services experienced a spike in demand on its Asian Helpline number, with many callers needing psychological, medical and informational support.

Many clients are vulnerable, non-English speaking older people with long-term health conditions and/or mobility limitations who became completely isolated during the lockdown. AFS provides services in Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Hindi. During 2020, it worked with 2,834 clients, carried out 6,101 interventions and took 3,215 Helpline calls".

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