Health Promotion

It is important that we all work together to promote consistent messages to communities. The more our communities hear those messages, the more likely they are to act in a positive way.


A key priority for the Te Hiringa Hauora Safer Gambling Aotearoa programme is to increase awareness of harmful gambling, and motivate people to seek help and take positive action early; both for themselves and others they care about.

The work of frontline minimising gambling harm services is integral to making progress in minimising harm from gambling. Community-led activities offer many opportunities to increase this knowledge and encourage positive behaviour. Each year, Te Hiringa Hauora offer grants to support minimising gambling harm services and community groups in achieving this.

What is the aim of the Community Fund?

The aim is to support community groups to develop and implement initiatives that promote nationally consistent messages, using an approach that is locally appropriate. This funding is intended to enable initiatives that otherwise may not be possible.

Who can apply?

  • The Community Fund is open to not-for-profit organisations
  • Gambling harm services within the Minimising Gambling Harm Sector

What funding is available?

  • Each grant offered is between $1,000 - $2,000 per one community initiative
  • If an application is successful, Te Hiringa Hauora will provide the funding after the Letter of Grant is signed and on receipt of a GST invoice
  • Once the grants have been allocated, there will be no further allocated funding available.

Community Grant Criteria

The initiative must:

  1. Target one or more priority populations. Priority is given to initiatives that support:
    1. Māori, Pacific and/or Asian audiences
    2. Youth audiences (12-18 years)
    3. Low socio-economic communities
  2. Include a plan of evaluating/measuring the success of the event
  3. Demonstrate partnerships or linkages with the local community
  4. Be supported by a local minimising gambling harm service
  5. Have clearly defined goals and activities that focus on nationally consistent messages (eg, raising awareness of harmful gambling and/or providing information about how individuals/whānau should respond to gambling harm)
  6. Be connected within an environment that supports and does not contradict the Safer Gambling Aotearoa kaupapa or other public health messages (eg, healthy food and drink options, no alcohol and smoke-free events)
  7. Demonstrate appropriate use of the funds as per the criteria below.

Funding exclusions

  • Services usually provided by your service/organisation.
  • Retrospective funding for activities that have already taken place before the application closing date.
  • Activities that require ongoing funding from Te Hiringa Hauora.
  • Te Hiringa Hauora will not fund capital items (eg, building alterations, vehicles, equipment, electronics, computers etc.).
  • Te Hiringa Hauora will not fund costs associated with running an organisation, such as staff and equipment costs.
  • Te Hiringa Hauora will only fund one initiative per service/organisation.
  • Te Hiringa Hauora will not fund resubmitted applications if initially unsuccessful.
  • The fund is intended to support the development and delivery of initiatives in the first instance, while recognising that some funding may be required for incentives/prizes.

If you have any questions, email

Application Forms:

Application Form - Download

Application Q&A - Download