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A great inspirational video, Nga Kete Matauranga Pounamu (NKMP).  What made you do this video? 
A few months ago two NKMP staff members had the opportunity to attend a workshop “Digital Story Tellers”. The agency is based in Sydney, but they offered a workshop in NZ.  One of our staff members, the Communications, Media and Marketing Manager who is responsible for all our media releases including inspirational stories attended.
After attending the workshop, the idea was raised to ask consumers/clients who are happy to be named and seen, to be part of a video.
Nga Kete is committed to reflecting not only the work we do but also the benefits of the learnings to be gathered from the clients' journey.  These stories bring to life for others contemplating support that service access exists, is whanau centred and that change, e.g. hope faith, well-being can be attained.
Inspirational stories are great, a video about a “real” person makes the story even more authentic, and emotions are visible and noticeable. People who are harmed by gambling like gamblers and family members can hear and see that there are people out there who made it, that there is hope. And, that some people are brave to talk about it, to expose themselves with their own story. I think that is very important if you think about the stigma, which is connected to problem gambling.
Was making this video difficult to produce? 
After the training and with the help of an app called Kinemaster the “making” of the video is, of course, time-consuming. There are appointments to meet with a consumer, filming time…but the technical challenge seems to be reasonable. Having someone who has an interest and experience in journalism is useful but not essential. We have found that having one key person to produce these digital stories ensure a consistent level of quality to the production that is reflective of a beginning, middle and end – like all good stories have.
Where can people find your video and is there any feedback from the community?
The video is published on,YouTube and the link is on our Nga Kete Matauranga Pounamu website and in our newsletter. The video was published on the 29th of May 2018, so until now no real feedback other than the client expressing how proud they were to be apart of this process and to be in a position to influence others to seek help. In these busy days where agencies have a number of competing priorities, these stories serve to reflect not only access but the philosophy and values of our agency approach for working alongside people. We are looking for more opportunities to get the message out. It is our first project, but there are more to come.

Well, congratulations Nga Kete on your first project published on youtube. It is good to hear you have more videos to come in the future to help others experiencing gambling harm to seek help or at least talk to someone. 
Keep us posted when your next video is done you might be able to share more of how the community has engaged with this latest video. 

Go to link to view Shirley Fletcher’s story:


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