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Recently, Stephanie Erick and I visited the far south Gambling Harm providers held at Te Roopu Tautoko ki te Tonga (Te Roopu Tautoko) in Dunedin.  

The weather reports the night before our flights down mentioned snow on roads and I have to admit I didn't want to deal with snow and colder weather, but what we got was the absolute opposite, no snow and great weather. Yessiree! I am thankful the notorious southerly wind didn't decide to show her full force while we were down there.  Apparently, we missed the coldest day in Auckland 3 degrees and Dunedin 8 degrees, what are the chances of that happening. 

I want to acknowledge Rueben Moses and Te Roopu Tautoko for the warm manaakitanga we received and the leadership in wanting to share our visit with fellow gambling harm providers in the far South.  On the day we had Nga Kete Matauranga, and Oasis Dunedin join our session.  
Our trip south supports the Strategy to Prevent and Minimise Gambling Harm 2016/17 to 2018/19  with one of the 11 objectives being: 'A skilled workforce is developed to deliver effective services to prevent and minimise gambling harm'. 
Through the assistance of Stephanie from Te Kakano Public Health workforce development, she is committed to helping the public health workforce to work towards achieving this objective, and this is was evident in the session she held in Dunedin.  Each person was given individual time with Stephanie to complete their core competencies self-assessments and discuss and complete workforce development plans.   

The one thing I heard mentioned from each person was how easy and fast the process was with Stephanie.  One person said that she was planning on doing her core competencies that evening and now she didn't need to pull an all-nighter to get them done. There were smiles of relief and achievement in getting these done.  

Here are some final words from Stephanie that I think will help many of the Public Health Workforce.  "You can either do your core competencies and workforce development plans in your own time, which may take longer. This process may take you a day or two to complete, or you can do these with me helping you, and it could be done in one to two hours," says Stephanie.

If anyone is needing  Stephanie's assistance, please make contact with her today 


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