• Hapai team with Helen Clark

Put yourself in their shoes

I attended the Addiction Leadership 2018 hosted by Matua Raki in Parliament recently. It was good to see many of our Prevention and Minimising Gambling Harm Sector amongst the packed venue. For me, there was one poignant moment of the day in which a woman who leads a community programme helping youth read an emotional letter from a young boy who had committed suicide. It was heart-wrenching to listen to this boy’s last words to the world. He expressed how his addiction has hurt many people and that he can’t go on being such a screw-up. The hatred he felt towards himself for his addiction and...

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Submission - My first out-of-school experience!

I would like to introduce Corbin Whanga who is currently on a student placement at Hapai Te Hauora. Corbin has a Bachelor of Health Science from the University of Auckland and wants to continue his education by pursuing a post-graduate study going forward. So far, Corbin has tackled some exciting roles and tasks, like working in the recent Fizz Free Whanau 2018 campaign and making his very first Select Committee oral submission for the upcoming Racing Amendment Bill. Can you explain a little more about the Racing Amendment Bill? Sure can, the bill sought to amend provisions from the Racing...

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International Gambling Conference 2018

Gambling is making us sick. This was a theme given in Dr Lance O’Sullivan’s key note speech at the recent International Gambling conference. In this presentation, he set the scene for the current state of gambling in Aotearoa, its inequities which disproportionately impact Māori, and its effect on health for individuals and their whānau. He explained that, “it’s bad enough that we have diseases of poverty in a first-world country like New Zealand, but to see them exacerbated by pokies is extremely frustrating. This is the definition of a preventable epidemic". As an attendee, what really...

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Nandita Mathur presenting

Community Mobilisation: Readiness for Change in Primary Prevention

​Nandita Mathur from The HEART Movement spoke at our Public Health session at the MPGH Training Forum in Auckland. The HEART Movement champions a community-led approach to family violence prevention through building healthy relationships. HEART stands for Healthy Relationships In Tamaki and Nandita’s programme has received accolades for its long-term primary prevention focus. The Heart Movement is based upon the principles of ‘community mobilisation’ and Nandita believes this approach is applicable across all public health kaupapa. Community mobilisation can be difficult to get your head...

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